The essential oils of cypress, lavender and lavender essential oil are among the top selling essential oils in the world, with their value far exceeding those of conventional oil, according to a new report by the oil company Cypress Essential Oil.

The company, which owns Essential Oil of Cypress, also has an extensive line of oils in addition to its natural products.

The report, released on Monday, found that essential oils are among three major categories of oils with sales exceeding $10 billion each in 2016.

The top three categories were essential oils from the botanical family, like rosemary, lavendar and rosemary essential oil (essential oil remains one of the best selling essential oil categories), and botanicals, like bergamot and lemon essential oil.

There are also top-selling essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and lavendar essential oil for use in hair care products, and lavandin essential oil to aid the healing of wounds.

The most popular essential oils sold in the US are lavender (99%), rosemary (99%) and lavendinal essential oil and rosewater essential oil from the family botanical genus.

The botanical botanical essential oils were purchased at retail outlets by consumers in the United States in the first quarter of this year, and by online retailers such as, the report said.

The best selling natural essential oils, such as rosemary rosewater, rosewood, lavandinal, and bayberry essential oil accounted for 77% of the sales in the second quarter, with essential oils purchased at drugstores accounting for the remaining 17%.

There were also four other categories of oil in the top 20 with sales of at least $5 million each, the company said.

The botanical and botanical-based oils were followed by herbs, such the herb lavandia, and floral and floral-based essential oils.

The Top Ten Essential Oils to Buy and Use in 2018Included in the report were the top ten essential oils that accounted for a quarter of the total sales of $9 billion, which include rosemarys, lavendinals, rosewaters, rose trees and bayberries.

There were also top five essential oils and four botanical oils that contributed to the total $6.5 billion in sales.

For the year, the botanical botanical oil category comprised $2.5 million, followed by rosemary-based botanical, rose water, lavanda and bay-berry botanics, the second highest selling category in the market.

The bayberry category accounted for $1.4 million.

The third category was the botanic-based category, with $1 million in sales, followed closely by the botany-based and botany botanical category.

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