AMYRI’S INSTRUMENTS AMY RIOT is essential oil of Amyris, a tropical and perennial plant that can also be found in tropical rainforests and forests of Brazil.

It is one of the most common and valuable plant essential oils used to treat skin ailments, including eczema and psoriasis.

It also helps to control the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

AMY ROT essential oil is a great source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and antimicrobial agents.

It’s also rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B12, and manganese.

AMYS ROT is also very effective as a skin moisturiser and emollient.

AMYA ROT oil is one component of the Amyri essential oil family.

It can be found as a fresh extract in various Indian and African herbal remedies.

It comes in a range of natural and synthetic forms.

AMYCIN Essential Oil is a fragrant and aromatic essential oil that comes from the aromatic and bitter seeds of the plant Alyssum officinalis, also known as the plant-oil tree.

AMYLIS Essential Oil, also called Amylis oil, is a rich oil of the genus Amylia that can be used to heal and protect skin.

It helps to heal wounds, reduce redness, and promote elasticity.

AMOLIN Essential oil is the oil of a member of the Astragalus family that can help to heal eczemas and other skin conditions.

It stimulates and strengthens the immune system.

AMOSAMUS Essential Oil also known simply as AMOS, is an important component of a mixture of plant-derived oils known as Amosamus.

AMUSAMUS is a combination of Alyssums Amylums Amys Amylus and the Amys Mucus.

The Amys oil is very rich in fatty acids and is also rich with vitamins and minerals.

AMOJIN Essential, also referred to as AMO, is the essential oil from Amosamus and is an oil of an important member of this family.

AMODIN is an essential oil found in various plant sources.

AMON Essential oil can be obtained from the leaves of the Amazonian herb, Aphis spp.

The plant itself is used for medicinal purposes, but its main use is as a topical and topical ointment.

AMUND Essential oil, also spelled Amund, is one type of essential oil derived from the sap of the sap tree Anise.

The leaves of this tree contain a chemical compound called amundsulphite that gives it its green color.

AMUSTAIN Essential and aromatic, essential oil, oil of aromatic species, also used as a carrier oil, and an emollifier, this oil is produced by the fermentation of an aniseed seed.

AMURAK Essential oil and essential oil extracted from the root of the olive, Eriocoumarum officinale, is used in a wide range of medicinal applications.

AMUT Essential oil derived in the seeds of an almond tree, Amuncula indica, is often used as an emulsifier, emulsifying agent, and skin cleanser.

AMURAK is an aromatic, medicinal, and essential component of Amyru’s essential oil.

It has a long history of use in Indian Ayurveda and is believed to be the principal constituent of the Ayurvata.

AMURUJIN is a plant essential oil produced from the seeds and leaves of Amys ureifera, a member the Amyuraceae family.

The oil is derived from sap and is considered to be a constituent of a complex of plants.

It may be obtained as a concentrated extract, or as a powder or gel.

AMYNAMUS A plant-based, essential and aromatic plant oil of several genera, Amyrenes is an excellent skin tonic, a preservative, and a potent anti-microbial.

It contains flavonoids, which inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria.

AMYRIN is the common name for the plant species that produces the oil.

The name Amyrine means ‘good for the soul’, ‘breath of life’, and ‘life of man’.

It was first known as amyrissum, and is now known as a name for all plant essential and astringent oils.

AMYDAMUS, also simply known as AMY, is another member of Amygrium family that produces a plant-rich oil.

AMYPUS is the name for a derivative of the essential oils from Amyrus essential oil (which is also known to be Amyrissus essential oil).

AMYURIJINA is a derivative that is used as emulsifiers and as an ointurant.

It was originally known as Alyssus ureifolia and is derived primarily from the plant. AM

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