The Jerusalem Press on Friday reported that a Jerusalem woman who wanted to clean her apartment with a combination of lemon essential oils after she visited the West Bank city of Hebron said she was disappointed.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, was visiting the holy city on a business trip when she visited a market in the Old City, according to a report by the Palestinian Media Watch news organization.

She was greeted by a man who asked her if she wanted to buy lemon essential products.

“When I asked him, I was told that I was being asked to buy essential oils and then he turned to me and said: ‘I’m not an essential oil dealer, but I can give you some of the essential oils of the Holy Land,'” the woman said.

“So I said yes.”

She added: “After that, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

I was not in pain or uncomfortable.”

The woman was taken to a nearby restaurant where she was asked to add more lemon essential and lemon essential essence to the mix.

She then returned to her apartment and washed the room and the bathroom, she said.

The Jerusalem Post article added that she said she found the man’s comments concerning, since she was not an important businesswoman.

She added that the man who introduced her to the man had previously tried to bribe her, but she had rejected it, saying: “I didn’t even feel guilty.

He was saying he was an essential, so he could give me some essential oils.

And I was like: ‘What?””

The man didn’t have a choice, I felt he was just giving me a discount,” she added.

A Jerusalem resident who said he was also in the market when the woman was introduced to the shopkeeper, who asked for her name and phone number, said he felt the man should have done more.

“I felt bad, and I thought he was taking advantage of me,” the man told the Jerusalem Post.

“He was being nice, but the man didn.

I didn, too,” he added.

“I thought, if he was a person, I would be more careful.”

The man said he would contact the Israeli Embassy to lodge a complaint, but that he was not going to make a complaint about the incident.

A spokesperson for the Embassy in Jerusalem did not respond to a request for comment.

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