Republicans are trying to avoid a repeat of the debacle over Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, which saw Democrats filibuster the nomination.

However, the Senate is likely to confirm Kavanaugh, a staunch supporter of Trump, on Wednesday.

The latest polling indicates that just 38 percent of Americans believe Trump should be confirmed, while 46 percent believe he should be blocked.

Trump has maintained that his nomination is a purely legal one.

His allies have also argued that the Senate should allow the confirmation process to proceed.

Democrats are likely to block any attempt to force a vote, and Trump will be confirmed anyway.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider the nomination on Thursday, when Republicans hold the upper chamber.

The vote is expected to take place in a closed-door hearing.

Republicans will have 52 seats in the chamber, including two Republicans and two Democrats.

The nomination is being closely watched by Democrats who want to ensure the nominee will not be vulnerable to Democratic attacks in the future.

The confirmation vote is also expected to be closely watched as Republicans are pushing for an ethics probe of Trump’s nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The White House said it is committed to working with the committee to ensure an impartial and independent process for the Senate to approve Kavanaugh.

A spokesman said that the administration is “in the process of vetting a potential candidate for the seat on the Supreme Judicial Court” and that the Trump administration is also working with members of Congress to ensure that any nominee is a “qualified individual” who can “bring to the court the kind of intellectual rigor and respect for our nation’s laws and judicial philosophy that our nation needs in our country.”

Trump has said he intends to nominate Kavanaugh.

But his top lawyer has said that he would not vote for the Supreme court nominee and is pushing to make a change to the Senate rules that would make it easier for him to block the confirmation.

A group of senators from both parties, including Democratic Sens.

Chuck Schumer of New York and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, are pushing to change Senate rules to allow the president to block nominees with a simple majority vote, or 51 votes.

The group is hoping to push through a change that would allow the filibuster on Supreme Court nominations as early as Monday.

The change, which is not expected to become law, would allow Senate Democrats to block Supreme Court nominees with 60 votes instead of 51 votes and would allow Trump to block nominations without requiring 60 votes.

Democrats have said they will oppose any change to Senate rules, and many Republicans have also called for a change.

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