Essential oils are known to help with digestion, so the idea of ingesting a “synthetic” oil is certainly a tempting one.

It’s an idea that’s taken off thanks to a burgeoning market for e-cigarettes, where users can purchase oils in bulk.

But there’s a catch: They’re made by a third-party company.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an “essential oil” and a bottle, you’ll need to visit the “E-liquid Shop” on the website of the Australian firm Pure Essential Oils.

It doesn’t take long to spot a line of bottles, all labeled “symbols” (think “essential oils”) that say “pure essential oils” or “organic” (meaning they’re made with the help of an organic chemist).

I’d seen them at other e-liquid shops, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen one of these.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even realize that there was a difference between organic and synthetic.

The “symbol” is the name of the product, while the label says it’s an “extracted” oil, meaning it’s a mixture of natural or synthetic ingredients.

You can read the ingredients on the back of each bottle.

I could only find two products that were labeled “natural” (there are three), but it’s unclear if they were the same ones.

The bottles are clear plastic, and have an embossed “Pure Essential Oil” logo on the side.

A sticker on the front reads, “Pure Organic.”

It says “organic, natural, safe and non-toxic.”

The smell of the oils was something that immediately stood out to me, so I bought a bottle to see if it was as good as I thought.

I’m not one for sniffing things, so that wasn’t the most pleasant smell to test.

But I did notice the smell, and I didn, too.

After a few sniffings, I noticed the smell wafting through my room, and it’s been there for several days.

When I opened the bottle, I smelled a slight minty odor.

I assumed it must be from the oil itself, but after taking a closer look, it wasn’t.

Instead, it smelled like the same natural oil that you’d find in a normal e-cigarette, with a slight hint of citrus and some other spices.

I thought that maybe there was an added ingredient, but I was wrong.

I was sniffing it out as soon as I opened it.

I found it to be quite strong and smoky.

I can smell it on my skin, and when I take a closer sniff, it’s pretty much the same as an average e-juice, with no citrus.

It smells like a strong, fruity, musky, and citrus scent that I’m used to.

This e-vapor is also quite different from the kind of e-liquids that I’ve come to love from other brands.

This isn’t a natural-smelling oil that’s just there because it has some flavor.

I think this is a “high-performance” e-cig that can handle longer periods of time and have a longer life.

It was also not too strong, but it still felt a bit strong, like it could get to my throat if I held it too long.

I noticed a lot of the ingredients were not listed on the bottles, and there’s no information about the ingredients in the bottles.

It also didn’t say which oils are in the product.

This is where things get a little confusing.

The only description that came up was “Organic and free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, fragrance, or alcohol.”

So, while there is an ingredient list on the bottle for “organic,” “organic natural,” and “pure organic,” there is no information on which ingredients they’re derived from.

I emailed Pure Essential to find out if there was any sort of ingredient list, but so far, I haven’t received a reply.

What’s more, I have no idea if the products are “made with organic ingredients,” “made from organic ingredients” or if they’re “organic and free from paraben, phthylaxlopentyl, mineral oil, fragrance or alcohol,” according to Pure Essential’s website.

But it’s important to note that all the ingredients listed on their website are labeled as “natural,” which isn’t to say that they are safe or non-disposable.

But that’s the only thing I can come up with at this point.

The company is selling its products at a discount price to users who have an “Eligible E-liquid” card, and the “Free E-Liquid” card is good for two weeks of free e-cigs per person.

This card can be used to buy products like “Smoothie” or even “Smoking E-Cigarette.” So

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