In December, British researchers revealed that some of the best-preserved essential oils were being sold as Christmas gifts online.

Now, scientists from the University of Sussex have discovered that some were being marketed as medicinal and even anti-inflammatory.

The study, published in the journal Science, found that the rosemary essential oil sold on Amazon was made with rosemary, a common botanical used in traditional Chinese medicine.

In a separate study, a different rosemary extract was marketed as an anti-inflammant.

Researchers tested the rosemary extracts against the synthetic cannabinoids found in synthetic marijuana, a drug which has been linked to seizures, paranoia, paranoia and other effects.

‘We wanted to test whether there is a chemical that had the same effect on our brain as the cannabinoid, and whether that was the case with the rosealmary,’ said lead researcher Dr Emma Cuthbert.

‘Our results showed that the synthetic cannabinoid has similar effects on the human brain as rosemary.’

In addition, the synthetic rosemary is used as a topical preparation and is not as potent as the original rosemary.

It is believed that the chemicals in synthetic cannabinoids are much more potent than the active ingredients of the essential oils they contain, which may explain the similarity between synthetic and real cannabis.

But this study was conducted in a laboratory environment, meaning the ingredients used in the rose-mary extract may not be as effective.

‘There are a lot of chemicals out there that we can’t smell and that are not as well studied as the actual medicinal ingredients of these oils,’ said Dr Cuthbord.

‘So, this is not a conclusive evidence, but it certainly shows the way in which they can be used in a clinical context.’

In a recent interview with the BBC, Dr Cudds said that, if her findings hold up, it is likely that herbal cannabis will soon be available in the UK as a safe alternative to the synthetic cannabis.

‘I think it’s just a matter of time.

There are more people in the world who have access to herbal cannabis now, than there are who have never had it,’ she said.

‘It’s not going to be the last we see of herbal cannabis in the mainstream.’

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