The Trump Organization has a big plan for 2016: Emotional healing.

And Rosario & Rosie are going to spend at least $3 million to help Americans find their inner-spiritual peace.

Rosario & amp; Rosies CEO, Brian Miller, announced Wednesday at the Trump International Hotel & Marina in New York City that the company will donate $1 million to the Trump Institute, a non-profit that provides “mental health, spiritual healing, wellness and leadership training” for adults in need.

Miller said the $1.5 million will help the institute “engage with communities across the country and the world to find solutions that will help people live and thrive in a more fulfilling way.”

The $1,000 donation will help pay for the Institute’s new “emotional wellness center,” which will offer classes that will “provide a platform for people of all ages and backgrounds to share their experiences with a trusted advisor and learn how to be more authentic, more connected and more empowered.”

Rosario&Rosie also said it will spend $1m on “emotionally uplifting” books.

These books will include one titled “A Journey to a Healing Place” by Rosario Rosie.

Rosie said the books are part of the “Emotional Wisdom” initiative and will provide “a place for people to find answers to questions they may have about their lives and what they can do to heal themselves and others.”

Rosie &amp ; Rosie said it is “working with the President to make sure that the books and programs are developed in the context of his personal values and beliefs and that he will use his influence and influence to help make sure we have the resources to help us make that happen.”

“The Emotional Wisdom initiative is one of the most significant initiatives in our company’s history,” Miller said.

“We are incredibly excited about its future.

We are committed to making sure that all of our people are able to find the right books to help them find their personal meaning, and this is just one small step towards healing.”

Rosiaire, Rosary, &amp: Rosario≈ Rosiabell will donate at least £3.5M to The Emotional Healing Initiative, a nonprofit that offers “mental, emotional, spiritual and business empowerment to those in need” in the 2016 election season.

The charity said that RosarioRosie will also donate £1.2 million to The Family Spirit Leadership Center, which will “focus on the emotional, psychological and spiritual healing of children, families and their communities.”

Rosarie, Rosiare, &c: Rosier, Rosari &amp.; Rosary will donate £2 million “to help build and support a network of people who are passionate about helping those who have suffered from trauma or are survivors of trauma” to help those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

Miller told reporters in New Jersey on Wednesday that Rosaria &”Rosie&” Rosario will also spend £2.2million “to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.”

Rosaria < Rosier&amp.;Rosie, a subsidiary of Rosario Enterprises, has donated more than $1 billion to various charities.

Miller also said that the organization will also support a “global network of partners” to “make sure that those with mental health and emotional issues are empowered, supported, and able to navigate the challenges of the future.”

Rosarier &amp&;Rosie’s RosarioBillionaires: A Timeline of the Billionaires Who Are Making America GreatAgain.

It’s the perfect time for Rosario to Make America Great Again.

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