An interview with a woman who became a carpenter after her family was unable to afford a good one is the stuff of legend.

It’s a story that goes back more than 50 years, but one that has since been embellished.

Now, the story is being told in a new book, Cobbler: How a Woman Became a Cobbling Expert, by Barbara Wright and her husband, Mark, who say they wanted to tell a story about women who are taking a back seat to men when it comes to caring for their families.

“We wanted to write about a woman whose life was so hard, she couldn’t have been more than 55 when she first started working as a cabbie,” Ms Wright told The Australian Financial Review.

“She was a widow with two grown sons.

She was a mother of four who had worked for the Government for 25 years.”

I think the book is really about how we came to be the cabbies for our family, but we also were the carers.

“The story goes like this: Barbara Wright’s family were unable to buy a good car.

So they moved to Queensland in the 1960s, settling in a town called Winton.

Her husband Mark was an engineer.

He was the first to come up with the idea of selling an engine for a car to be driven in.

But he didn’t think much of it.

He took the job of picking up the rubbish, but he didn?t know the job was a job, or that he would be working for a company for the rest of his life.”

When he was asked to start on a new job, he was shocked at the prospect of not having to buy his own clothes, he had never seen the outside of the building before and thought, ‘how can I be expected to know that?’

“Barbara Wright says.”

His first day on the job, I didn?ve just bought a set of new shoes and was working from my own car, so I thought I could just keep going and hope I didn’t make any mistakes.

“The couple spent their time in Winton, selling cars, repairing them and even repairing a couple of old cars, but they never knew they were a part of a unique community of cabbys.

When the Wrights bought their first car, it was a 1950 Mercury, the same car Barbara Wright drove.

But when the Wright family moved to Victoria, their second car was a 1966 Pontiac Firebird, and Barbara Wright was driving.

In 1966, they were invited to a meeting with the local carpenter.”

They said that the carpenter would be willing to sell us the first car,” Barbara Wright said.”

And he had the money.

He had the right to sell the car.

And we were just like, ‘OK, let’s just sell the first thing’.

“But it was not until later, in 1983, that Barbara Wright decided to take a job at a car shop.

She did it for the first time, and it?s when she realised she had to do it with a family.”

My wife and I are very grateful that she did,” Mark Wright said, “because we had to give up a lot of our own savings and work on this car and then pay for the car.

“They had no choice.

Barbara Wright?s son was on the verge of graduating, and the Wright house was in the middle of a new construction boom.”

Barbara Wright was born on December 10, 1941, in a small town in Queensland. “

But at the same time, it didn?tm a very satisfying thing, because we had a new house.”

Barbara Wright was born on December 10, 1941, in a small town in Queensland.

Her parents were working as engineers and their eldest daughter, Mary, was a student.

When Barbara was six, her mother died suddenly.

Her father, Mark Wright, was an electrical engineer who was working on a company that was developing a water supply in the state of Queensland.

But Mary was not in school, so her mother had to work.

Barbara was the oldest child, and by the time she was 15, she was taking part in the school play.

Her mother?s funeral was held on Saturday, December 17, at St George’s Catholic Church, Winton in Wootton Bay.

Barb, who is now 91, had only been working in the car shop for a year when Mark Wright asked her to join him in his car shop, because it was cheaper than buying a new one.

“You know, at the time, I couldn?t do the job,” she said.

Barbra and Mark Wright?re now living in the same house in Woundby, Queensland, which is where Barbara and Mark grew up.

Barthwaite Wright, Barbara and their daughters Mary and Ann.

The Wrights say Barbara

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