Essential oil necklace is a necklace that can be used in a hurry, and you don’t need to buy expensive jewellery to wear it.

Here are some basic ideas you can use with your favourite necklace.


Wrap the neckline around your neck to prevent the neck from sliding around while you’re taking care of a shopping trip.


Wear it as a necklace to remind you to be careful while taking care.


Use it as an accent to wear to work or a business meeting.


Use your necklace to hold your phone while you take your medication.


Keep it on while you sleep to make sure you’re awake when you need it. 6.

Use the necklace as a makeshift tie to hold on to when you want to make a connection.


Wear your necklace with the neck closed so you can make the most of the natural light.


Use a necklace with a bow to add interest and a touch of colour.


Try using a necklace of your own to make new friends or introduce them to your new love.


Wear the necklace to wear when you’re having a difficult day or want to put on a show.


Use this necklace to decorate your kitchen table or decorate the kitchen.


Use jewelry to make your room feel more relaxed.


Use earrings as necklaces ornaments.


Use necklace to give your partner a new look.


Add a sparkle to your favourite colours.


Use necklacing to make yourself look more beautiful.


Use to give a special gift to your child.


Wear necklace as the perfect accent piece.


Wear a necklace for the occasion to show your friends and family that you are caring for them.


Use as a gift for your loved ones.


Use essential oil necklace for a special occasion.


Use an essential oil necklace to give you a little something extra.


Use for a birthday party.


Use and add colour to your necklace as an homage to a particular holiday.

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