“The best way to get the most out of Cliganics essential oils is to take it in a pinch.

I find that the clannic essential oil works great as a quick and easy addition to recipes that are already dry, and I’m sure you’ll find the same in your kitchen.”—David Lippert, Author of Clannic Essential Oils (The Clannics Essential Oil Guide) source Polygons guide to clannics essential oil article “I think Cligan’s essential oils are a fantastic way to add a touch of spice to your recipes, and you’ll see some of the other products in their line as well.”—Beth Hochschutler, co-founder of Etho Oil (Ethicurean Natural Oil) source Cosmopolitan article “When I see an ingredient that is super easy to find and that works beautifully, I’m all in.”—Elizabeth Crouch, author of the Etho book on natural beauty and skin care.

“I also love that Cligan is an incredibly affordable essential oil that is 100% cruelty-free and organic.”—Lisa Schmaltz, founder of Beauty and the Cosmetics Lab.

“Cligan’s is an excellent option for a DIY recipe because they’re affordable, they’re available in multiple shades, and they’re 100% vegan.”—Rachel D’Agostino, founder and CEO of Beauty in the House (a cruelty-less cruelty-tested vegan beauty brand) source Essence guide to Cligan and its essential oils source Polymics guide to essential oils for skin care and skin restoration article “This is a great oil for people looking to reduce their risk of skin cancer.

I have to say, it has been one of my most popular products to use, and has been helpful for my skin.”—Kate E. Brown, author and educator, Skin Health Coach and Skin Advocate (with more than 15,000 followers) source Alamy source Polyomedia guide to skin care essential oils and essential oils by brands and ingredients source Alary article “Clan C-Clan is the most versatile essential oil available for use in skincare.

It’s made up of oils from around the world, and blends well with most skin care products.

Its versatile nature makes it an excellent choice for any skincARE DIY recipe.”—Alyssa K. Anderson, author, Clannical Skin Care Essential Oil for Skin Care (The Essential Oiled Skin Oil Guide, available on Amazon.com) source The Beauty and Beauty Lab guide to the best essential oils in skins source The Cosmopolitan guide to natural beauty essential oils article “A perfect balance of nourishing, hydrating, and soothing, Cligani’s essential oil blends perfectly with any skin care product, and is easily applied to the skin to moisturize and nourish.”—Jessica Gros, founder, CliBri.com, The CliBeauty and Beauty Blog.

“It’s an excellent essential oil for dry skin and is a perfect blend of hydrators, moisturizers, and anti-aging properties.”—Jane Stovall, Founder of Clinique Beauty.

“This oil has a gentle floral scent with a slight citrus taste, which is perfect for using on the skin as a cleansing oil or on dry skin.”

—Julia B. Siegel, founder & CEO of Clinico, founder/owner of Clinica Beauty, creator of Clinika Beauty, and creator of The Beauty Diary (www.thebeautydiary.com).

“I love that it is made with natural ingredients, and that the essential oil does not contain any harmful ingredients.”—Lili Lohse, founder-CEO of Cleopatra Health.

“My husband and I use Cligan for its hydratizing properties and its ability to help soothe dry skin.

The oil has helped me soothe my dry skin even after years of acne.”—Laura H. Matson, cofounder of Cleo.

“We use CliClan to help us control our skin’s pH level and hydrate and nourishing our skin.

I like that it’s very hydratable, so it’s perfect for all skin types.”—Kimberly J. Young, cohost of The Real Housewives of New York City.

“These oils are wonderful for dry or dehydrated skin.

They are also great for those with acne prone skin, as they can help prevent breakout, a common condition associated with dry or cracked skin.”–Sara J. Wiersema, founder at Essence.com.

“There are many amazing essential oils that have worked wonders for my own skin, including CliC-CliCli, Clibri-C-C, and Cli-A-Clin-Clio.”—Katie O’

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