Bloomberg <<The price of essential oils is up 40 percent in the past year, as companies like Kiehl's, Costco and Walmart have expanded their supply.

>>The market for essential oils has grown to $17.4 billion in 2016, up from $9.8 billion in 2013, according to market research firm IDC. Inc., the largest online retailer, has nearly 1,000 products on sale at $6.99 a bottle, according the company.

>>But some analysts worry that this boom is not sustainable.

Some essential oils, such as lavender, are grown in traditional ways in traditional countries, and companies can charge exorbitant prices to extract them, said Michael Schubert, an analyst at investment bank J.P. Morgan Securities LLC.

>>”Essential oils are still going to be a very small market,” Schuberg said.

>>’A little bit of luck’ >>The growth of essential oil sales is driven by demand from new countries, but not necessarily a shortage of quality products, Schuber said.

“I don’t think it’s a huge problem that we have a little bit for every country.

It’s just a little part of the growth.”>>Amazon and other online retailers have not been able to keep up with demand for essential oil products, which can fetch up to $30 a bottle in places such as the U.K., France and the U!

United States.

“It’s not like the market is exploding, so the fact that it’s getting more expensive makes a lot of sense,” Schunberg said of the trend.>>”The price per gram of essential or nonessential oils has been increasing significantly in the last year, and we don’t know if this is sustainable,” said Mark Siegel, chief economist at Bloomberg Intelligence.

>>Amazon has a growing market share of about 1 percent of global retail, Siegel said.

But the company has been unable to match the growth of the market for the traditional ingredients, including lavender and thyme, he said.

<<"It's going to take a little while before we're going to get to the point where we can compete," Siegel added.

“We’re seeing that this is not an isolated situation.”

>>The price for lavender rose about 2 percent to $6,100 on Friday, from $3,200 last week.

But Siegel noted that the price of lavender oil, as a whole, fell 1 percent from a high of $4,700 in late April.

>>Esquire magazine, which tracks oils and cosmetics, said essential oils are gaining popularity because they are affordable and are used in perfumes and beauty products.

Amazon, which has been expanding its reach to the U., is focusing on oils and other ingredients for its new Beauty and Beauty Secrets.

The company has added more than 4,000 full-time positions to its supply chain, according an Aug. 28 statement.

>>In its latest earnings call, Amazon said it has added about 2,500 workers to its global supply chain.

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