An outbreak of chinese chrysanthemums in the US may be due to essential oils extracted from rosewood, the Food and Drug Administration has said.

The FDA said in a statement that it is investigating reports of an outbreak in California.

The agency has not yet released details about the nature of the outbreak.

Rosewood is the most widely grown shrub in the world, accounting for about half of the world’s annual harvest.

It has a long history of use in medicine and has been widely used in cosmetics and personal care products since the 17th century.

Rosewoods have been used as a medicinal agent for thousands of years, with their leaves being used for treating coughs, congestion and sore throats, and for treating skin conditions.

They have been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine and used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and have been shown to improve blood circulation and circulation disorders.

The Food and Safety Administration (FSA) is also investigating reports that rosewood essential oils could be a trigger for an outbreak.

The agency said in the statement that the agency is “aware of reports of potential use of essential oils derived from rosewoods in an outbreak, including reports that some have been implicated in the outbreak.”

“We are currently investigating these reports and will take appropriate action if warranted,” the agency said.

In addition to the Rosewood outbreak, there are two other outbreaks linked to rosewood and chrysants.

The first occurred in January and February this year in California, when two patients, both suffering from bronchitis, developed chrysanting fever, according to a statement from the California Department of Public Health.

Both patients were sent home and were treated with a different medication, according the statement.

Rosewood has been linked to a range of infections, including pneumonia, bronchiolitis and bronchospasm, and has a high fat content and high glycemic index.

The second outbreak occurred in March, when an infant in California developed chrysinosis, a severe skin disorder that causes reddening of the skin, according a statement by the state Department of Health.

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