A common but unsung herb that helps boost the skin’s moisture and detoxify it of free radicals is now being used to treat acne.

The herb was once used to keep skin healthy and protect against ageing, but has since been seen as a natural skin conditioner to treat blemishes and scars.

“If you’re suffering from blemish or a break out, then a hydrating, cleansing skin is the way to go, because it will bring out the natural enzymes that are going to break down your collagen,” says Dr Andrew Williams, who works with the Melbourne Cosmetic Centre.

“They can be very irritating to your skin and cause scarring and acne.”

Dr Williams said the skin was the “main target” for the herb, which contains about 2 per cent by weight of the plant.

“It has a soothing effect on the skin, it helps with healing, so we use it to remove the excess water and the oil that has accumulated on your skin,” he said.

“In this particular case, we use a lot of the essence in the evening, then it’s applied directly to your face and you don’t need to wash your face.”

Dr William said the oil was made from the plant’s oils, which help hydrate the skin and also help to protect it from free radicals.

“Essence, the plant itself, is a very strong antioxidant,” he says.

“There are other antioxidants in the plant that can help protect your skin from free radical damage, and so this is one that’s quite important to use.”

Dr Andrew Williams says a hygienic way to apply the essence to your facial skin is to apply it to the skin directly to the face.

“You can put it in your hand, dab it onto your face, or rub it into your face,” he explained.

“What we’re looking for is to do a gentle scrub or application of the product onto the skin.”

Dr Matthew Thomas, a clinical dermatologist and dermatology expert from the University of Western Australia, says it’s important to apply hydrators on your face for the best results.

“We don’t want to put our hands or fingers on the face,” Dr Thomas said.”[But] if you do have to do it, I’d definitely recommend putting some on your hands, fingers and forehead.”

That’s one of the key ways to reduce the amount of oil and other things that can be carried into the skin when you do use the hygene.

“Dr Thomas says you can use hydrator products to remove any oil or grease on the surface of the skin.”

So, if you have oily or greasy skin that’s got a lot more oil in it, then I think hydrants will help, especially if you use the one that you’re using in the morning or evening,” he explains.”

This is also great if you’re having a pimple or acne breakout.

“What do you think?

Should you use thyme essences on your facial or body?

Share your views in the comments section below.

Dr Williams says it was important to remember that thyme is only used in a few countries and in the United States.”

I think we’ve been using the herbs for a long time, so there’s a lot out there out there,” he advises.”

But we do have a little bit of a problem in terms of our use of these herbs in Australia.

“Dr Paul, from the Melbourne Dermatological Institute, agrees that we don’t have enough information to recommend using thyme for all skin types.”

My advice is that we would be looking to use an oil based emollient product, like the one we use for the facial and the forehead, rather than a lotion,” he told ABC Melbourne.”

Thyme essence is not for everybody, and in some cases, it’s a bit too harsh.

“Even if you don.m sensitive to oils, I would recommend you use an emolliance product, because the oils will absorb it better.”

How to apply Thyme essenceA hydrater is a type of hydrant that uses hot water to apply a thin, clear, or oil based essence to the surface.

“Some hydraters use a cream to help the skin feel hydrated and also to get rid of excess oil and oil-based debris,” Dr Williams explains.

Dr Matthew, who has been using a hyderabonic, or dry-cleaning emollience for the past decade, says he doesn’t think that thymedess essences should be used on your whole face.

Instead, he suggests using it on your forehead and cheeks, which is where most of the herbs are found.

“Most of the herb oils are on the top half of the face and are in your hairline,” Dr Matthew says.

Dr Paul agrees that thymes are useful on the scalp, but says that a hyDRater can also be used to gently remove any dead skin on

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