A woman with a long, dark scar that has gone untreated for more than a decade is looking to a new treatment.

It’s called gel vitae, a name inspired by a Greek word meaning “a glassy substance filled with resin and oil that can be applied to wounds.”

The gel vitæ can help treat a range of ailments, including burns and abscesses, but it’s also used to treat chronic pain and inflammatory conditions like cancer and diabetes.

It comes in various forms, from spray to gel, and is usually sold as a spray for $40-$100.

But the gel vitès also can be made into a powder or a liquid extract.

And the process is so simple that anyone can use it.

“I just applied this on a wound, put a little bit of a little cream, and that was it,” said Melanie, who didn’t want her real name used because she says it’s so personal.

“You just go through a whole process of making this and just having it dissolve into the wound.”

For most people, a wound that’s been left untreated for years is a life-threatening condition.

And for the first time, a woman with long, black, dried scars can now get some relief from it.

Melanie said the painkillers that have been used for decades have helped her numb her scars, but she also wants to use gel vitées to treat her painkiller addiction and depression.

But how does it work?

The gel is made from the extract of geranium essential oils and citronella, which are the same ingredients found in lemon balm, and then diluted with water.

When the gel is applied to the wound, it gets concentrated to form a thin layer.

It can then be placed in a spray bottle and mixed with warm water.

Then the gel can be absorbed into the blood stream and the water can be used to cleanse the wound.

“It is extremely effective for treating inflammation,” said the product’s owner, Michele Carreras.

“Because it contains a lot of different chemicals, it’s very gentle on the skin, it helps relieve the swelling and pain.”

And unlike some of the other options, gel vitée can be stored for weeks, so you don’t have to wash it out.

Carreas says it will last for several months.

“If you use this for a long period of time, you can get a good wound,” she said.

“And the skin is not damaged, it doesn’t burn, it feels nice, and you don and can do things like massage it.”

The product is available for purchase online, and it costs $30 for a small bottle, or $50 for a larger one.

For Melanie, it has saved her from a lifetime of pain, and she’s already using gel vites for everything from acne to back and neck pain.

“They’re actually really good for healing,” she told CBC News.

“Not just a minor burn, but a major burn, like the one that I had a few years ago.

It was in the back of my neck, and I was having a really hard time holding on to it.

And it wasn’t even burning.

I just had a bunch of redness all over the place.

And so I took it home and used it on it, and the pain went away.

It didn’t feel like a burn.

It just kind of faded away.”

Melanie said she also uses gel vités as a painkiller for anxiety and depression, and says she can treat all of her chronic pain with them.

But she also has been using gel ves for about 10 years and said it’s a lot more expensive.

“We can only get it for $20, so it’s expensive, and they’re really pricey,” she explained.

“Plus, it only lasts for a few months.”

For Melanie and her friends, this product is a great option to get their daily fix.

“Gel vitéés are a very, very safe product.

They don’t even have the potential to be toxic, and so you can use them every day, and use them with any kind of oil, so they don’t cause any health problems,” she added. The gel vées are also available for $60 on Amazon, and Carreias says they’ll be adding gel vitúes to the lineup in the coming months.

Melanie’s treatment is not the only one looking to gel vitas.

Other people are using them for healing, too.

In 2014, an American doctor discovered that a gel vitamine could treat her fibromyalgia.

But it took her more than 10 years to get a clinical trial started, and until now, she has only tried one gel vitane.

“For me, the first gel vitase I tried was very rough, and really just didn’t work,” she recalled.

“But that was before I really started researching and learning what

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