Experts in the field of essential oils have claimed the oils contain essential minerals, which have been proven to reduce inflammation, boost energy and improve sleep.

Essential oils have long been touted as safe and effective in combating infections, obesity and diabetes.

But Dr David Pouya, a clinical scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia, said his team had previously found that the essential oils used in home remedies had “substantial toxicological and pharmacological effects”.

“There are some people who do not use essential oils but those people may be sensitive to them,” Dr Pouyanas research director Dr Tim Paine told ABC Radio National.

“The more we know about what the essential oil is doing in the body, the more we can use those essential oils therapeutically to treat people with diseases.”

Essential oils have a wide range of medicinal properties, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiaging, antiemetic and pain-relieving properties.

Dr Pouy said essential oils had been used in many herbal remedies, but were not known to have the same medicinal properties.

“Essential oil is a natural ingredient and we can’t use it medicinally in the way we would use a botanical extract,” Dr Pradeep said.

“There is no evidence that it has a therapeutic benefit to any of these diseases.”

So we’re not suggesting we shouldn’t use essential oil as a treatment but we’d prefer not to use it.

“Dr Pradeem said some essential oils might be useful in the treatment of diabetes, but added they had no clear benefit for those with other health conditions.

He said people with cancer or heart disease were at risk of developing chronic conditions, so there was a need to develop better ways of reducing risk.”

Essentials in medicine ‘are the most potent of any substance’Dr Poulton, from the University’s School of Pharmacy, said essential oil research had progressed in recent years.””

And if you have a heart condition, the risks are high and that’s why we recommend heart disease screenings, to help lower those risks.”

Essentials in medicine ‘are the most potent of any substance’Dr Poulton, from the University’s School of Pharmacy, said essential oil research had progressed in recent years.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to take a big step forward in the understanding of essential oil’s properties,” he said.

He also said the importance of essentialism in medicine had increased in recent decades.

“One of the reasons we can say that is because we’re now at the point in time where essential oils are the most powerful of any drug or other substance in medicine,” he told ABC RN.

“It’s been proven that they can reduce pain, reduce inflammation and help reduce anxiety and depression.”

He said research was also focusing on how essential oils were used in the manufacture of essential pharmaceuticals.

“What we’ve done is taken some of the most important compounds from essential oils and made them into medicines, which are really amazing,” he explained.

Dr Pradem said the field was also seeing evidence of a new way to treat cancer.

“Cancer cells have been shown to express certain genes which are related to cancer,” Dr Dusan said.

“The cancer cells are using that to grow.”

When we treat cancer cells that are using the cancer cells’ gene, we can then target the cancer and kill it.

“Essentially, Dr Pradaem said, there were no known cancer drugs currently in the market that were effective at treating cancer.

He suggested a future study should focus on whether or not there were more drugs that were potentially effective.

Topics:research,science-and-technology,health,health-administration,drugs-and/or-medical-use,melbourne-3000,vicSource: ABC News (Originally published November 13, 2017)

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