An essential oil is a liquid that contains the essential oil of a plant or animal.

Essential oils come in many different forms and can range from simple, plant-based aromas to more complex, synthetic aromas.

Here are some of the main essential oils that are currently on sale in Australia.

The word ‘essential’ is used to indicate that the product has no other use than to impart a certain smell, flavour, or smell profile to a particular product.

Essential oil brands and products are often highly concentrated, and are often difficult to source.

Some essential oils are so unique that they can only be identified by the colour they contain, and they contain a lot of other chemicals that make them toxic.

Many of these chemical additives are not widely used in the food industry, and the Australian Essential Oils and Fragrances Association (AEFA) estimates that there are around 70,000 chemical additives in the Australian market.

If you’re looking for essential oils and fragrances that are affordable, easy to source, and effective, look no further than the essential oils listed below.

These essential oils have been proven to have an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, antihistamine, and antifungal effect, among other health benefits.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the liquid form of essential oils, which is used in cooking, perfumery, fragrance, and as a carrier for essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

They are also used in cosmetics, as a food additive, and to make and distribute pharmaceuticals.

They also have medicinal properties that may help treat diseases such as depression, allergies, asthma, and skin conditions.

What is essential oil?

Essential oil is the liquid, plant source of essential oil.

Essential or non-essential oils can be classified as essential if they are produced from plants that contain less than 0.05 per cent essential oil (a concentration less than the concentration of the essential fatty acid found in essential oils), or nonessential if they do contain more than 0% essential oil but have less than 50 per cent nonessential oil.

In essence, essential oils can have a range of chemical properties, but all essential oils come from the plant kingdom.

Essential and non-essentials are classified according to the chemical composition of the plant in question.

The chemical composition is determined by how much of the non-Essential or Essential oil (the non-base) the plant contains, and how much is in the plant’s cell wall (the ‘essential’).

For example, essential oil extracted from the oilflower plant, Ananas californica, contains a higher percentage of essential fatty esters and lower amounts of nonessential esters.

Essential inclusions and noninclusions Essential oils contain several chemical elements, called essential or non‐essential oils, that have no essential or essential fatty-acid content.

Essential fatty acids are molecules that are naturally present in plant cells, which are then synthesised by the plant.

These molecules can be used by plants to produce other compounds.

Essential fat molecules can also be used in pharmaceuticals to produce more complex chemical compounds.

Nonessential fatty acids in essential and nonessential oils are not naturally present, but can be produced by some plants, including the oil plant Ananas triflora, which produces an essential fatty oil that contains a lower amount of the more common non‐Essential fatty acid.

This can be found in some essential oils in some oils and in some nonessential fragrancing oils.

Essential oleoresin is an oil found in the leaves of the oil tree, Anas alba, which contains essential oils of both non‐ and essential oils.

Non‐essential oleresin is found in a plant called nigrum.

Essential odour Essential oils also contain fragrance chemicals that can alter the smell of the product.

These odour chemicals are found in oil, essential fibre, and natural fruit oils.

The oils that have the most active smell-storing chemical are often those containing more essential oils (such as essential oil from the essential olive family).

In some essential oil blends, fragrance chemicals can also have an effect on the taste of the fragrance (a reaction called “choking”).

Essential oils containing more than 50 percent non‐essentials contain at least one smell-absorbing chemical.

Essential perfumers Essential oils may contain more fragrance compounds than are found naturally in plant material, but these compounds are often not detected in the aromas of essential oleours, oils and perfums, and thus can be mistaken for fragrance.

Essential musk Essential musks contain at most one musk, and a small amount of other ingredients.

Essential spices Essential spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, are commonly used in aromatherapy.

Essential plant oils Essential oils from the vegetable family include olive oil, rosemary

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